Let's give flowers and plants some room...

The garden is

a place of contemplation.

We might imagine a garden as a large space. However, it is possible to turn a few dozen square meters into a very pleasant green living space.Each garden has a very specific personality, so choices must be made wisely. The local vegetation, the house architecture, the materials, the lights and the colours will all give a unique charm to the place. Working with heights and materials will give an effect of movement to the garden.The garden is a place of contemplation and life. 

The wedding venue

is bewitching, refined and surprising. 

Weddings are events we sublimate with poetry and sweetness. The decoration must suits to the environment by combining materials and colours. The decoration not only has flowers and bouquets but also plants, fruits and materials such as wicker, wood and stone. That is the essence of a perfect and harmonious decoration. Observing the existing vegetation at the wedding site is crucial for the arrangements and the selection of plants, flowers and shades.The wedding venue is bewitching, refined and surprising. 

Floral and Plant design