Blue Lavender

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Dried blue lavender
Lavender has a nice graphic shape and a very nice natural colour. Perfect for floral arrangement and home decoration.

Delivery: Europe

  • Decoration

    Dried flowers can be used to make bouquets, flower wreath and floral arrangements. They are dried by a traditional process that preserves the shape and colour. You can integrate them into your interior design and décoration. They will sublimate your creations! 

    Dried flowers are increasingly used for wedding decorations. wreaths, buttonholes, combs, bouquets, suspensions... Up to you to D.I.Y!

  • Architecture

    Size (stem exculed): ~ 6cm
    By removing the lowest flowers, the size of the tree can be reduced.
    Number of usable heads per bunch: ~
    Shape: colomn

    Dried flowers can be used for architecture models. They stand the test of time, their textures and shapes offer a faithful representation of trees and the price is very interesting.
    You can paint them to get the color of the tree you want. 

  • Delivery

    The dried flowers are delivered in bundles in solid cardboard boxes. 
    There is no possibility to return the item.
    Delivery: Europe

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