Umbrella trees (~100 pieces)

13,50 €Price

Lona flower is used to represent umbrella trees. 
In a bundle, you can make about 100 trees. The strems are 50cm so you can get the size of the tree you want. 
About the "umbrella" (the top of the flower):

Height: Between 1cm to 2cm
Width: Between 1cm to 4cm

Price per tree: ~ 0,13€

  • Model trees

    To make models, we use dried flowers to represent trees and shrubs. They stand the test of time, they can be painted to get the colour of the tree we want and the price is very interesting. Unlike miniature plastic trees, dried flowers allows a more realistic representation of plants. They can be adapted to different scales. Indeed, dried flowers can be cut to obtain a smaller subject. They can also be fixed with a simple pin. That way we can play with heights.

  • Utilisation

    Architecture models - Landscaping materials - Garden 3d models - Interior design models - Miniature projects - Maquette - Vegetation representation - Miniature trees - Scale model trees - Model-making compagnies - Matériel pour maquette

  • Delivery

    The dried flowers are delivered in solid cardboard boxes. 
    There is no possibility to return the item.
    Delivery: Europe

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